Dia do Professor: faça a revolução!

Em homenagem aos meus queridos professores pelo seu dia, segue um vídeo inspirador de Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution. O poder é de vocês! Enjoy!

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2 comentários: on "Dia do Professor: faça a revolução!"

Teacher Lu VIP disse...

Well,I'm a teacher, I've always been a teacher, I love being a teacher and this is who I am.I'd like to thank for the posting of this great video. I wholeheartedly agree with him and I'd also say that education depends on us teachers to perform its real role. If we keep doing the same things over and over again we will end up having the same results we have always had. Being a teacher is beyond teaching a single subject, yes it is definitely a farmer's dilligent work and this is the beauty of it. A teacher is the one who cares, who leads by keeping the learner beside him,he is the one who motivates, because he shows the path.If a person does not have this approach, he or she is not a teacher...

Agne disse...

Hello Lu! It's a great surprise see you here in my blog! I like to thank you for your visit and the chance to know your blogs! I agree with you: we are the guilty for that situation. But in true, this world don't had "the path".

The world are changed and we are more and more obsoletes with our books and old techniques. Its a world of empowerment, and we stay so magistrates. Teachers had to change, or we are be extincts. The substitute? Google, maybe.



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